Me, the teamleader and my lifepartner…..

As mostly after attending all the sports activity all day I also had to complete my studies also as my parents were strict and punctual about my study related curriculum.



So more or less my middle school days and high school days had an almost same schedule with little time to hang and party with friends and more so in traveling to attend some competitions or writing exams.

As I moved to college I swayed a little bit from my earlier schedule as my sports activities took a back seat as I decided to focus on my career as I started to start mingling with my friends both boys as well as girls to be specific for all of you to understand. As days passed by I started loving this new life doing time pass with friends and attending parties at weekends. As time passed by and I completed my Engineering studies I started working for an IT firm in one of the metro cities. This was my first experience staying in a metro city away from my family even though I had traveled so much all around the country thanks to my sporting career.