A guide to plan as a groom

A guide to plan as a groom

In many cases we often hear of the bride taking charge of the wedding as she makes the decisions, gets her female friends and family members involved, and has a pretty clear vision for her special day. While this might be common, it doesn’t mean a groom can’t plan his own wedding or that his only job is to show up on time. A lot of men actually enjoy being involved in the planning process, and pitching in when and where they can. And they should. It’s their special day, too! Here are some simple points to guide you to plan as a groom:

Take the Initiative

Planning a wedding is a lot of work and while your future spouse might act like they have it all under control, it doesn’t hurt to take some initiative. Show them that this day means just as much to you by taking charge when appropriate, before they even has to ask.


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